Sunday, March 04, 2007


When I moved to DC in 1997, the Lehigh Valley was a very different place to live and work. The big city offered the promise of a great education at a private university, excitement, world cultures, and later, excellent employment prospects. Searching for a job was FUN. There were so many options for internships and entry-level positions that I could have changed jobs every month.

In 2006, I decided to make the pilgrimage back north here to the LV to be closer to my family.

So many DC friends asked, Pennsylvania? How can you grow your career in a land of cows and abandoned steel mills? Actually, I have doubled my income in one year since moving here. For the first time I feel connected to a COMMUNITY, something that was definitely missing in my city environment. Networking for young professionals meant dating, not building business contacts. Home was a studio apartment with noisy neighbors; now I live in a home on a sweet block in West Bethlehem (and my mortgage is the same as my DC rent was). Supporting the arts meant giving thousands to the Kennedy Center; I joined the Allentown Art Museum for a hundred bucks. And family time for many DC families means kissing your kids in their beds after the nanny has put them to sleep. I hope to send my (future) kids to great public schools in Bethlehem and be home every night in time for dinner.

If you're reading this, you probably already live here, but you might not appreciate all we have here in the LV. Now that I'm re-re-located, I'm feeling good.

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