Thursday, December 04, 2008

Louie's Restaurant

It's always a good sign when someone from outside the area recommends a restaurant. Especially if they have never even been there - only tasted their jarred marinara sauce (which is/was apparently sold at Wegman's).

That's how I discovered Louie's (2071 31st St, SW, Allentown, just off Lehigh Street). And its location, about halfway between my office and that of my friend Stephanie's, was perfect. Stephanie had never been, and I had never experienced their much-revered lunch buffet.

The Belletieri family has been serving up homestyle southern Italian fare since 1958. They have had a little time to perfect their sauce, because it-is-awesome. The variety wasn't too extensive, but there was obviously homemade pasta fagioli (basically veggie noodle soup for you non-Italians - don't be scared) and a couple of different pasta dishes, along Italian Baked Chicken on the bone, Meatballs & Sausage, antipasto, a couple of sides, and a small salad bar. You can order off the menu but it didn't look like anyone was. The menu features pizzas, pastas and the traditional fare.

The service was terrific, especially for a place where I'd guess 100% of people "do" the buffet. We were there on Ravioli Day, which our server told us was his favorite (wondered if he says that every day?). Not only was the food hot and fresh, but we had our check and were out the door in under 45 minutes, with a total bill under $25 for two buffet tickets and two sodas. Nice. You can also purchase some of Louie's famous sauces at the restaurant if you can't find it at Wegman's.

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