Monday, November 17, 2008

Triumph Brewing Company - New Hope

Our friends Jill and John live in southern New Jersey, so a great halfway point to meet up is New Hope, PA, and Lambertville, NJ, right across the river from one another.

I'm not too familiar with the places that are cool to go to in New Hope, so I did a little research. Triumph Brewing Company (400 Union Square, New Hope) was one of the sponsors/exhibitors at the Lehigh Valley Brewfest, so we thought we'd give them some business.

The entrance was not easy to find in the dark. When we found the shopping center (which looks like a train station FYI) we parked and paid at the parking lot's payment machine, then walked back to our card to deposit the slip on the dash. We could see the huge silver brewing casks (casks? did I just write that?) from afar but couldn't figure out how to get in. I don't know if we came in the back way or what, but we finally saw a dimly lit directional sign and headed down the steps.

Inside, the place was pretty busy for a Sunday night. The bar was full, and our friends were perched at the end with fresh beers in hand. The restaurant was filled with families and young professional types like us, all casually-dressed. We had a reservation, and were seated quickly and our server came by to order our drinks. When one of us had a question about the menu, she admitted this was her second day and she had no idea, but she'd check. She came back with the answer and we all ordered.

Sadly, my namesake sandwich wasn't appealing: turkey, coleslaw, swiss, and russian dressing on grilled marbled rye. And I also wasn't in the mood for PB&J - I'm not kidding, there was a sandwich with house-made peanut butter and lingonberry preserves on raisin walnut bread. So I ordered the brewhouse burger, served with onion rings, ipa barbecue sauce, apple wood bacon, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, and fries. We all shared an appetizer of calamari and Eric had tasty potato leek soup. The beers were gooood, which might be why I can't remember what everyone else ordered. :) My Oktoberfest was cold, fresh and nicely spiced for fall (which is almost over!!). Everyone enjoyed their meals, and the bill for the four of us came to about $80.00 including drinks, tax and tip.

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