Sunday, December 28, 2008

Billy's Downtown Diner

My co-worker Mia goes to Billy's (10 East Broad St., Bethlehem) all the time and mentioned it recently, so I resolved to go. I have been there a few times on weekend mornings, and the number of people lined up for tables (especially on home game weekends at Lehigh and Moravian) is an indicator of just how good it is. I really like cooking breakfast and brunch, though, so we usually don't go out for breakfast except with my in-laws, who prefer Perkins.

It was the first diner in the Lehigh Valley to go smoke free, which I appreciate. The interior is bright and cozy, with lots of little booths in the front and bigger tables and a counter in the back.

I was not surprised to run into Mia, her boyfriend Nick and their friends this morning when I arrived. Becky and I took a while to order because we couldn't decide - there are so many yummy-looking dishes (and novelties like Fruit Loops - the only cereal they serve, "and why not?"). I settled on a Green Eggs and Ham (with spinach and basil pesto - only the eggs are green) sandwich, and tea. Yum. Becky had eggs, toast and bacon and a glass of milk and the whole meal came to about $15.00.

Get there early. Mia's insider tip is that you can usually get a seat at the counter in the back if you're starving. Billy's often there (he wasn't this morning - though his mom was working the cash register) and you can pick up a copy of his cookbook.

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