Saturday, December 13, 2008

Glen Anthony Designs

My volunteer gig at Lehigh has led me to working on a redecorating project. That is, we are making a few utility rooms into functional and beautiful study spaces for students.

I had heard positive things about Glen Anthony Designs (24 E 3rd St Unit 2 on the South Side of Bethlehem), and I figured they were so close that it was a good place to start. I learned from their web site that the owners are Lehigh Valley transplants from DC like us. Ha!

I called to set up a date and time to meet and check out the space. I was told that the firm did the interior decorating for Drinky's in Easton so I figured they could handle a hundred square feet of a sorority house.

So despite the condition (or maybe because of it) GAD color guru Marcia Ballek helped me and three extremely stylish college students select some furniture, curtains, wallpaper and paint color until we were literally exhausted from looking at swatches.

If you are like me, you avoid places like this because the prices are outrageous and you don't know whether you are going to be leeched upon by a pushy salesperson (a la Raymour & Flanigan - love you R&F, but you should pay your salespeople more). There are some pricey pieces for sure, but there were also some unique, beautiful items (on sale!) you probably can't find anywhere else in the Valley.

I adored the team for their patience with our group as we evaluated 10,000 wallpaper options and questions about fabrics. Since we were in the showroom for two hours, we saw quite a few shoppers dropping in to check out the sale, and to meet with Marcia about projects she was working on for them, but the store never felt chaotic or crowded. The blueprints on the drafting table showed an entire home they were redecorating.

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