Friday, January 02, 2009

Allentown Brew Works

It was our friend Nicole's 25th birthday so Cristie organized a posse to go out in Allentown on Friday night, to Allentown Brew Works (812 Hamilton Street, Allentown).

It's been open since 2007, so I figured that most people had been there already, but a bunch of people in the group hadn't been there at all. It was busy but not too crowded when we arrived at 7:30. Fran had heard it was a rough neighborhood, and yeah, I probably wouldn't leave my car unlocked with jewels and champagne in it, but it's nothing like Anacostia! We found a meter spot about a half block from the restaurant, on 8th Street.

We headed upstairs to the High Gravity Lounge, where our group was finishing up their meal. There were a few families with little kids eating at tables near us, and one of the Fegleys perched at the bar, watching the Tennis Channel on a TV behind the bar (a feature about Sam Querrey!! Go Sam!!). Pretty much everyone in the restaurant was dressed pretty casually, even for a Friday night. We ordered two beers, an iced tea, a Brew Works cheeseburger, and a French Dip, and the total was around $25.00. I had been 'upstairs' and 'in the bar' a few times before, but I had no idea the place had a basement lounge like Bethlehem Brew Works' Steelgaarden - they call the one in Allentown "Silk." Dark, spacious and mostly empty early in the night (though I hear it was festive later in the evening when the gay karaoke party started).

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