Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ethel's Chocolate

Luckily, I made it home last night just before the snow started to fall. It's been a long, weird week and I'm definitely jet-lagged and exhausted. Even though this blog tends to be local in nature, I just have to make a statement about airline food. It's always been bad, but now it's just horrible. I wish they would just cut the food altogether and make the tickets cheaper or seats a little wider. I felt awful for the big guy in the middle seat of our row, attempting to spread ketchup on a microwaved hamburger and then eat his tiny bag of mini m&m's. We give out better candy on Halloween. I missed the meal service - I almost always do, because I fall asleep often DURING takeoff, thanks to Dramamine - but it didn't look like I had missed much.

I'd picked up a ham and swiss on focaccia sandwich from a Wolfgang Puck Express in the airport, and had stashed a mini chocolate bar from Ethel's and a bottle of water. Ethel's is adorable. Kellie introduced me to Ethel's Chocolate Lounge in Chicago last May. You can get a VIP table for you and your girlfriends with a tasting menu (BYOB), or a party package for your daughter's birthday party, I kid you not. The airport version didn't include the lounge area, but the selection of chocolates, truffles and candies was every bit as large as the one we saw in Chicago. The prices are not outrageous - about $1.00 per item - so for a special treat, I picked up a 12-piece assortment to take home, including Earl Grey Tea truffles, and seasonally-flavored chocolates with maple, pumpkin pie and orange spice.

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