Sunday, January 18, 2009

Morgan's Restaurant

I know I'm not the only person who keeps a list of places I want to go (and pretty much never make a dent - as soon as I check one off, another place gets added). Morgan's has been on my list for a while, partially because I remember going to Appenino's (the building's previous tenant), and also because I almost never make it out to "Parkland," maybe because the name in and of itself sounds pastoral and downright far away. I saw their ad in Lehigh Valley Style a while back and was attracted to its logo. Not that employing a professional graphic designer makes a restaurant better, but it caught my eye anyway. I clipped it and stuck it to the calendar.

My friend Becky is always up to try new things, including running a 5K (a first for both of us this past December), and even skiing in Quebec over New Year's. So lunch at Morgan's was a piece of cake, except the getting there. She got lost, and from the direction I was coming, I encountered a detour which included A COVERED BRIDGE (!!!!!). See aforementioned pastoral reference.

I waited a couple of minutes for Becky in the lobby, and noticed the nice mix of clientele. One of the servers at the end of her shift joked with me that she'd lost her gloves and had resorted to wearing socks as mittens. The restaurant is inside a beautiful renovated stone house, like so many local restaurants, but it's set up for events too - I noticed a private room behind the bar that would be perfect for a special group dinner or shower. The reviews by Merge/Metromix and The Morning Call framed on the wall were very positive. I was already thinking, if this place is as good as everyone says it is, I can't wait to go.

Unfortunately (for us), both tables next to the stove were taken, but we got a nice four-top for the two of us. We ordered drinks - hot tea for me. When my cute little metal teapot and Morgan's branded mug arrived, I poured and... nothing. No tea bags to be found. Our server was mystified, since he could have sworn he delivered the tea. He brought them out quickly. Then we placed our order: We both ordered soups, which we were told later was the reason our order was taking so long - "they're making the soups fresh." I requested the roast beef club without tomatoes, and Becky got the grilled sirloin on an English muffin. The soups were okay. The chicken in my champagne chicken and vegetable soup (a daily special) tasted like it had been frozen. Becky said her French onion soup was okay. Then our entrees arrived. The grilled onions on my sammie were fresh out of the fridge and the Swiss cheese was not melted. Becky hardly touched hers. So the food wasn't fabulous. Our glasses were refilled but I wasn't offered more hot water. The ambience was great, and our server never rushed us. Our total came to about $20.00/person.

I debated whether to give a bad report to Morgan's, especially because everyone seemed so gosh darn nice and the dinner menu looked good. My blog's mission has been to highlight local small businesses, not to be a restaurant reviewer. But a few of you supported the idea of reading the good and the bad, so let's see what you think. Do you think it's worth going back to Morgan's for dinner or breakfast sometime... or shall we move on?

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