Friday, January 23, 2009

Pennsylvania smoking ban

The smoking ban went into effect in September 2008, but some places are still not complying with the new rules. As a non-smoker who likes to go out, I was stoked to learn that PA was adopting the ban in all venues except those that make less than 20% of their revenue from the sale of food. Many places in Bethlehem, like the Brew Works, Apollo Grill, Edge, and Starfish Brasserie, were already smoke-free. What I found comical about today's Morning Call piece on the ban was that apparently the rules aren't enforced unless there are complaints. I can't imagine going into Oliver Shakewell's, observing someone smoking, and sending a flaming email to the state about it. I'm not sure whether those "activists," as they're called in the story, had spoken with management and were still not satisfied, or if they were just narcs, but it's just weird. I equate it to being seated next to a loud customer (like we were at Bolete) - I say, either grin and bear it, work it out with management, or leave. There are plenty of businesses in the area that would be happy to serve you in a smoke-free environment, and there are still quite a few that allow smokers to light up. There's a lively debate at the bottom of the story (258 comments at the time of this posting)!

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