Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shepherd Hills Shoe Repair

When I was packing to return from Las Vegas, the zipper on my suitcase finally broke. I wrapped packing tape around it 1,000 times (should have taken a photo - it was comical) and the folks at the Continental desk gave me a big plastic bag to put around it when I checked it. It made it! But I'm leaving for Aspen next week, so I need to get it fixed, and fast.

Someone at work recommended I call Camody's in Allentown, but I thought I remembered a place in Wescosville did luggage repair. When I called Shepherd Hills Shoe Repair (5621 Hamilton Blvd, #1, Wescosville) yesterday, the owner kindly explained that once the zipper is gone, it's shot, and he'd rather I didn't waste my time driving my suitcase over there only to find out it can't be fixed. Might as well buy a new one, he said.

I really appreciated his honesty, because he could have said, "Sure, bring it in... we'll see what we can do," then charged me for labor and parts for something that would have been a temporary fix. I will definitely remember Shepherd Hills the next time I need a heel fixed!

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