Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stemie's 1818 Tavern

Alyssa and I went to an open house/birthday party for a dynamic, beautiful lady named Maggie on College Hill. Maggie's married to Alyssa's colleague Tony Rhodin. The party guests were a mix of smart folks, including many who have served our communities as social workers and juvenile parole officers, dedicating their lives to performing tasks that the rest of us regard with a combination of awe, fear, and gratefulness. That great group of friendly folks welcomed a party crasher like me and encouraged my ambition to taste a merlot called "Little Black Dress."

After the party, we wanted a quiet spot to get a drink and catch up, so on Jim Deegan's recommendation, we motored over to 1818 Tavern (2501 Seip Ave, Palmer Township). When we walked in, we sat at one of the only open booths, and were presented with some pretty impressive menus for 9:00 at night. Just drinks, we said, and our server asked for our IDs so she could SCAN them. I don't know what that was about because we're both obviously over 21, but that was a first. After our IDs checked out OK (!), she came around with our drinks quickly and checked up on us periodically, but didn't rush us out. The place was pretty full but not overcrowded. A couple of small TVs showed some sporting event or another but there wasn't any loud music. Most people (a good mix of young and old, men and women)were talking to their friends. Her bottle of cider was $4, my Harp draft $3.50.

Ally introduced me to the 1818 a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure we sat at the bar and had some tasty wings and drinks after playing 9 holes at Riverview. I wanted to share with you decor in the ladies room: a hilarious poem, cute paint job and faux white picket fence.

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