Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Allentown Art Museum

(photo: DENISE SANCHEZ, Allentown Morning Call)

I wrangled Stephanie into visiting the Allentown Art Museum (31 N. 5th Street, downtown Allentown) with me today during lunch, for one reason only: French Impressionism. While the chick they interviewed on Channel 69 news may have come off like an art snob, I am just a regular fan. Never took an art appreciation course. Just like 19th-century dreamy oil paintings. Plus I come by it honestly.

The exhibition is called Monet to Matisse: French Masterworks from the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Admission to the museum is $6 (or if you're a member like we are - or know someone who is - it's free!). It's only in Allentown through May 3; don't miss it!

I mentioned it a while back, but the Art After Hours events at the museum are really fun. Music, food, drinks, and hands-on activities make it an event that is fun for everyone. The event celebrating MTM (look, I can make an acronym out of anything, I must work for a big company) is March 21.

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