Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Foodie alert" ? Restaurant Week

The Morning Call posted an all points bulletin today announcing not one but two Restaurant Weeks in the Lehigh Valley. In DC, the announcement of Restaurant Week always prompted an email from my friend Kirwei with a list of restaurants and a request that the group narrow it down and pick a night. It was a great excuse to get friends together and check out a place that most or all of us had not been before. True, the servers hated waiting on a bunch of poor young pros like us, and the ingredients were not usually the fanciest. But baby, it was cold outside, and we usually went back at non-RW times if we liked it. Isn't that the point? So... in the spirit of Kirwei and the DC Restaurant Week, here's a list of places I haven't visited yet and want to go to during Restaurant Week(s): Dinner

  • Shula's Steak House, Promenade Shops

  • 24 East at 24 E. Third Street - Bethlehem

  • Dartos’ Restaurant at 46 W. North Street - Bethlehem

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  1. Nice post - say hi to Scott Craver the manager at Shula's. Enjoy