Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marla Duran Clothing & Accessories

Moe sent an email last week telling me about a little open house going on at Marla Duran's studio (109 E. Third St., South side Bethlehem). When I walked through the door I was greeted by three friendly little dogs. The shop was full of women poring through racks of sale items and sipping wine, and Marla was at the center of it all, cutting deals and holding court. No fewer than five women were lined up at the counter at all times. Many of them were wearing one of Marla's designs from previous visits to the store, including colorful, cozy jackets and pretty scarves. I found a fun little red cowl-neck long-sleeved dress (sadly, not one of Marla's originals but perfect for Valentine's Day) and lined up with my fellow shoppers. Marla does more than just process a transaction - she knows many of her customers by name and takes time to catch up. When it was my turn, I introduced myself and she was warm, thoughtful and happy I'd stopped in. I was happy I stopped in, too; I got a great deal and it was really nice to meet her after seeing her on Project Runway. Check out one of her furry friends in the front window of the store.

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  1. sending an invite to stop by the"Flowers & Fabric: the Pre-Prom event", being held next week - 1st Friday - April 3 at Marla's studio.

    Marla is joining creative forces with Patricia Johnson, a fellow fashion designer, who has branched into floral design.. This event is showcasing unique & original designs for this year's prom season {prom dresses, corsages & boutennieres, and simple accessories too}..

    Hope to see you there!