Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Melting Pot

The Morning Call's Retail Watch announced that The Melting Pot is coming to the Valley. It's even on the corporate web site!

It will be located at the One East Broad building next to coffeehouse Java Brewin, and could open by as early as May, according to Ashley Development. Having worked with another local developer, I know how permits and financing can sometimes slow up the process, so I don't have my heart set on fondue for Memorial Day weekend.

Either the Lehigh Valley has achieved a whole new status, or this fondue restaurant chain is slumming it. The MP's in the DC area were in pretty tony ZIP codes, if not necessarily in a tony neighborhood (the ones in Rockville and Ballston were kind of weird locations though - nothing as charming as Historic Bethlehem!). And you can't really get out of there for less than $50.00/person, so if you think Shula's is overpriced, meet here's-your-pot-of-oil-cook-your-meal-yourself-now-pay-a hundred-bucks-thanks.

On the positive side, my college friend Stephanie worked at a 'Pot and pulled down serious tips (though she said she sometimes worked late hours). It was next to impossible to get a reservation at the Melting Pot on short notice. There was a gorgeous wine list and all the 'stuff' you dunk in oil, cheese and chocolate was first-rate. And it's a lot of fun to go as a group, as long as you aren't the germ-phobic type. So Mr. Pektor, whenever your newest tenant moves in, I will be there, fondue fork in hand.

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