Monday, February 02, 2009

Sagra Cooking

Since Friday night, I have been hungry for more Sagra (305 Village at Stones Crossing, Palmer Twp - no, it is not the end of the earth, you Allentonians). When I was looking up the Sagra web site to link to this blog, I noticed some fun classes coming up:
  • 2/18 Girls Night Out: Business Women’s Networking

  • 2/19 Girls Night- 6 White Grapes You Should Know

  • 2/28 Italian Seafood 6:30-8:30pm - we should know all about this in our family.

  • 3/25 Salute to Michael Chiarello - love him!
Anyone want to go?

Mom and I went to a Girls Night out maybe 6 months ago - back when there was no snow on the ground, does anyone remember that? There's a huge counter in the middle of the kitchen, with only a few feet of granite and your wine glass separating you from the action. Some classes are cooking classes, some are demonstrations, but you always get to eat. The ladies who attended the night each had a girlfriend or two to chat with, but were friendly with everyone. Robyn and Jim make sure of it! They also offer in-home cooking, catering, corporate team building (!), private parties, and special events. When you're in their space, you feel at home, except home doesn't have a wall of cooking utensils, gourmet seasonings and snacks, or a chef cracking jokes.

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