Monday, February 09, 2009

Thai Thai II

Between Sunday night meetings, Courtney and I had time for a quick bite in Bethlehem. We debated over a few spots: Olive Branch (355 Broadway, South Bethlehem), Sal's Brick Oven Pizza‎ (313 S New St., South Bethlehem) and either Thai Kitchen (347 Broadway, South Bethlehem) or Thai Thai II (509 Main St., Historic Bethlehem - props to Tina Bradford on her post about it). Neither of us had been to TTII, so we motored across the Fahy Bridge just to check it out. I wasn't even sure exactly where it was, so we crept slowly along Main Street looking for a sign. When we finally saw it, we grabbed a parking spot right across the street and walked in. Bethlehem is such a dead zone on Sunday night, and I can't figure out why. All the restaurants are open and there's free street parking!

We walked in and were seated in a booth quickly. That was the end of "quickly" for TTII. We did everything short of a physical take-down on our server to get him to our table, and we overheard a few other patrons complaining. *Interesting, because a lot of people complain about the speed of service at Thai Kitchen and White Orchids too. It's not as if the noodles aren't pre-cooked; can anyone explain?* Clearly the problem at TTII last night was that there were two guys in the dining room and probably one person in the kitchen, and at least 10 tables of hungry patrons to serve.

We both picked Pad Thai (the spaghetti and meatballs of Asian cuisine); I know we are both more adventurous typically, but a menu that is 7 pages long is a little daunting, and at a new restaurant... sometimes it's good to go for what you know. Plus, for me, a Thai place is only as good as its Pad Thai dish. To be honest... it was... okay. I paid $3 extra for shrimp in mine and was disappointed at both the size and quantity I received. Maybe next time we'll try one of the chef's specialties.

Be warned, the joint is BYOB and fountain drinks are $1.75/each. I am glad to have another place where we can bring our own bottle of wine, but the bummer about the BYO's on Main Street is... no state store nearby to pick up one, if we forgot (like we did last night). White Orchids has one up on TTII for this reason. The tab, after tax and tip, was $20.00/person.

The Lehigh Valley is full of Thai restaurants now:

  • Touch of Thai - 123 N. Second Street - Easton

  • Phenom - 161 Northampton St. - Easton

  • Thai Kitchen - 347 Broadway - South Bethlehem

  • White Orchids Thai Cuisine - 2985 Center Valley Parkway - Promenade Shops

  • Kow Thai - 1201 W. Linden Street - Allentown

And two restaurants that serve some Thai dishes, or Thai-inspired dishes, that I've already blogged about:

  • The Cafe - 221 W. Broad St. - Bethlehem

  • Bay Leaf Restaurant - 935 E. Hamilton St. - Allentown

What's your favorite and why?


  1. Anonymous2/09/2009

    The Bay leaf by far is the best. Lunch there is only $10!

  2. Anonymous2/09/2009

    I agree about the Bay Leaf. I've been to all these Thai places and Bay leaf is by far the best overall experience every time.

  3. you know I keep forgetting Touch of Thai exists! I really need to get over there again, I've had nothing but delicious (and sometimes hilarious) experiences there.

    seriously though, nothing beats White Orchids. expensive, yes, but it's so worth it. Though I've never tried the Bay Leaf, I guess I need to eat there before I declare WO the thai champion huh?