Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best of the Valley

I just cast my votes for Lehigh Valley Magazine's Best of the Valley. When I worked at Morgan Hill, it was a huge deal when we were selected by the magazine to be the best public course in the region. So for old time's sake, despite the fact that Colleen and I only played there once last year, I voted for them again. I still think the course is impeccably maintained, and if you think the views from Riverview are impressive... try a birds-eye view of downtown Phillipsburg and the surrounding farms from the 9th green. Gorgeous. Plus, at Vintage, the food is incredible (from ingredients to preparation, Mike and his team are the best) and service atmosphere (friendly, sincere, capable, knowledgeable and not at all stuffy) are as good, if not better, than any restaurant's in the Valley.

It was easy to pick my favorite BBQ (Conway's), dentist (Dr. James Falco), vet (Dr. Kristen Reis from Wright Veterinary Hospital ) and breakfast (Billy's), but I was torn on the categories of Italian restaurant (Mama Nina's or Taste of Italy?) and sushi (Sogo, Teppan, Kome?).

So after you vote, come back and report - what was the hardest category for you to choose a winner? Were there any you left blank because you couldn't decide (or because you have no idea -- best podiatrist)? Or did you fill in the blanks on a business you've never visited (did you feel compelled to pick a favorite dog groomer and you don't even have a dog)? Do you feel like there are "gimme" categories like Festival, Bridal Boutique and Independent Movie Theater?

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