Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good news in Easton

I heard from a little red-haired birdie (insiders, you know who I mean) that some good news was going down today in Easton, so I headed east on 22 to find out what was up.

Turns out, Victory Square Brewery was ready to formally announce that they will be opening a new restaurant (they've already got one in Downingtown) with the geniuses at The Farmhouse, in the vacant-for-a-nanosecond Weller Educational Center. Here's the WFMZ coverage. The FMZ reporter pressed Mayor Panto for updates on the old Perkins site and the eyesore Hubcap Store, good stuff. What WFMZ got wrong is: there won't be 50 new jobs. It was announced that there will be the equivalent of 50 full-time jobs. Great for Lafayette College, and Easton and Pburg high school students. They also failed to point out that this project was supposed to be across the street inside the former Pomeroy's building. Good for us -- there will probably be something cool in there too (eventually)!

I bumped into Mike Pichetto (probably best-known for being chef at Vintage but he wears at least 10 other hats) at the press conference and he's playing a big role in what's happening in Easton too. The new seafood restaurant that he, his wife Rebecca, and their talented team are bringing to the former Lipkins building will open later this year or early 2010. Having seen the operation at Vintage/Morgan Hill somewhat behind-the-scenes, I can guarantee that it will be first-class. I cannot wait to check it out.

Fellow LV blogger Tracey Werner loves Easton, too. I completely agree with her assessment that Easton's restaurant scene is giving Bethlehem's a run for its money. I say - go, Easton, go! Raise the bar. I love to see a little friendly competition. I think there's room in the Valley for two amazing dining destinations.

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