Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Five Guys II and "trade ya"

You have been warned!

Anyone who read my post on Five Guys knows I am a sucker for their chow. But, please. How many franchises do we really need? Why ruin a special thing by making it mainstream? Look how successful Sonic is. I have heard of people making pilgrimages to Sonic. Every drive-in slot is full.

It got me thinking about school lunches. Remember trades? Mom would spend hours shopping, preparing and packing lunches, and then kids would just trade their goodies away. So, using that strategy, can I trade one of the Five Guys franchises for a pet store on Southside Bethlehem? How about a bread and cheese shop on Main Street Bethlehem instead of one of the 14 gift shops? Can I trade one of the 13 hair salons in West Side Bethlehem for a coffee shop? I'll trade you one of the 3 cigarette shops on Northampton Street in Easton for a music store!

(Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating, Google it. Those are exact numbers. Yes, we really do have 13 hair salons on Broad Street between First and Fifteenth Ave.)

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