Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Madness

It's March Madness time, and not just for those of us who are proudly sending a team to the Dance (two years in a row - that's right!). The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is open for the season!

Wine enthusiasts can enjoy the mild weather and festivities at the region's nine participating wineries in March, that is, if they remembered to buy a passport in November. The tickets are plumb sold out. Luckily Courtney's got the hook-up, so we were able to score four at the last minute.

Wouldn't you give free wine to these friendly faces?
Above, Sarah, Courtney and Rachel belly-up to the bar at Vynecrest Winery. We loved their Riesling, dry Riesling and cherry divyne! Below, the group learns about caper buds at Clover Hill Winery. Rachel isn't buying our host's bad jokes.

Here's a peek inside the tasting room at Amore Vineyards & Winery (7054 Beth-Bath Pike, a.k.a. Route 512 just north of Hanoverville Rd., Bath).
My attempt at a filter effect... here's Dr. Amore, winemaker, aviator, and motivational speaker, through one of his wine bottles.
Here's a little souvenir I brought home. What's your favorite local wine?

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  1. Yesterday was so much fun. I love the pics! We'll have to try and repeat in two weeks at a few new wineries. Thanks for coming out with me!