Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wise Bean Coffee

I had a good reason to visit one of the small businesses in Bethlehem yesterday: I'm unexpectedly looking for work after being laid off by O. A friend mentioned The Wise Bean (634 North New St., Bethlehem) as a good place to meet and catch up.

I'm not sure why I haven't been to Wise Bean before. But apparently I'm not alone, because Exposed's own Queen of Coffee Lynn Olanoff didn't stop in on her tour de LV caffeine recently, either.
"Around the corner is The Wise Bean (634 N. New St.), a hard-to-miss
coffeehouse with an interesting parking predicament. There's no on-street
parking in front but a sign out front of The Wise Bean suggests people can park
in the lane of traffic for five minutes to pick up coffee. I have my doubts and
haven't wanted to risk a ticket, much less be rear-ended. Visiting The Wise Bean
is on my list once I figure out where to park."

Now having been there, I completely agree with the writer of a letter to the editor. There's a parking lot in the back, and 5-minute parking in front of the door (which I witnessed a few people taking advantage of)!

It's small - just a few stools at a counter where you can plug in your laptop and a few comfy sofas - and my latte was divine. If you read my earlier post on Java Mill, you know how I feel about foam. I will definitely be back. What with free wi-fi access, maybe Wise Bean could become Lehigh Valley Transplant Headquarters.

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