Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloomie's Flower Shop

With all my job transition activities lately, I haven't been able to do as much exploring. I'm set to visit Mechanicsburg, State College and Pittsburgh in the space of one week so maybe I'll share some of my fun discoveries there, if you're interested!

Today I visited State Rep Bob Freeman's office in downtown Easton, next to Connexions Gallery. There was a meter spot right in front of the door. (I learned when I moved to the area to get a few rolls of quarters from the bank and just keep it in the place where an ashtray should be in my car - I have a knack for parallel parking and prefer meters to parking garages.) After our meeting, he mentioned that his wife, Terri, has a flower shop around the corner, and asked, would I like to see it? It's called Bloomie's (21 N. 2nd St., Easton) and they don't have a web site just yet, so you'll have to stop in or call them at 610-258-6331. Bob suggested their slogan should be "We peddle petals" but Terri prefers "Be surrounded by flowers." I walked with her and Michelle to the Eastonian Hotel, where they delivered an arrangement of calla lilies with red sticks (a subtle nod to Easton High School colors). In addition to floral arrangements, they offer greeting cards, balloons, plants and dish gardens. They do make deliveries and are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6.

It's Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week, so if you are lucky enough to have someone to keep you organized, now would be a good time to thank them for all their hard work!

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  1. I WISH I had someone to organize me. Once upon a time I worked as an admin. I feel so sorry for my ex-bosses. Yikes. How did I stay in those jobs so long?