Monday, June 01, 2009

Bethlehem Restaurant Week!

It's Restaurant Week time again in Bethlehem! As always I am making my list and planning to go. Maybe this time I will actually be in town (sorry Court! I owe you lunch from January!). June 21-27, many restaurants belonging to the Downtown Bethlehem Association are offering some great specials. It's a great excuse to get out and try something new.

There is one new place on the list since the last R Week:

  • Tika's/aka South Beach (formerly Tortilla Flat)- 500 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108; Call 610-841-5831 for details
I still have never been to:

  • Dartos’ Restaurant 46 W. North StreetBethlehem, PA 18108610-866-5005 Lunch: $5 Dinner n/a
These joints usually have some outside seating:

  • Bethlehem Brew Works 569 Main Street Commons Bethlehem, PA 18108610-882-1300 Lunch: $10 Dinner $20
  • Looper's Grille & Bar 313 E. Third Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-882-2424 Lunch: $10 Dinner $30
  • Main Street Depot 61 W. Lehigh Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-868-7123 Lunch: $10 Dinner $20
  • Mama Nina Foccaceria 548 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-867-9802 Call for pricing
  • Starfish Brasserie 51 W. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-332-8888 Lunch: $15 Dinner $30
  • Starters Riverport 17 W. 2nd Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-625-2300 Lunch: $10 Dinner $20
  • The Café 22 W. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18108610-866-1689 Lunch: $15 Dinner $30
  • Edge Restaurant 74 W. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18108 610-814-0100 Lunch: n/a Dinner $30
Here's the rest of the list! Where are you going to celebrate Restaurant Week?

1741 on the Terrace 437 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-625-2226 Lunch: n/a Dinner $30

24 East Asian Bistro 24 E. Third Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-867-5979 Lunch: $15 Dinner $30

Apollo Grill 85 W. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-865-9600 Lunch: $15 Dinner $30

Blue Sky Café 22 W. Fourth Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-867-9390 Lunch: $10 Dinner $10

Confetti Café 462 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-861-7484 Lunch: $10 Dinner $20

Hotel Bethlehem–Tap Room 437 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-625-2226 Lunch: $10 Dinner n/a

McCarthy’s Tea Room & Restaurant 534 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-861-7631 Lunch: $10 Dinner n/a

Moravian Book Shop Deli 428 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18108
610-691-6619 Lunch: $5 Dinner n/a


  1. I didn't know something was in where Tortilla Flat had been - I've been lax on my walking, it seems. I also didn't realize it was Restaurant Week again - I'm thinking that when we moved my brain got left behind in a dusty corner...

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Well, I'll be at Looper's...working. Should be fun though.

  3. Wow, I wasn't aware there was a restaurant week! I'm a huge fan of Blue Sky (within walking distance of work). Never been to Starfish, but have always heard rave reviews. Dartos is inexpensive and cozy. Dark and limited seating, but the food is fine and the staff are really friendly.

    Thanks for the list! I'll hang onto it and wave it in my coworkers faces that week.

  4. Anonymous6/29/2009

    I'm a local born here, lived here most of my life. I have traveled extensively for business for over 30 years. I am always intrigued at what those who have lived in this area their whole lives seem to think of "Betlum" especially since the extent of their travel seems to be the south Joisey shore.

    It is nice to get a perspective from an outsider. Don't worry. I'm not likely to take exceotion with too many things you my observe from your perspective. I can be pretty harsh on my hometown area for being somewhat myopic and its hometowners tend to think that whenever anything "new" and "unique" seems to come our way that somehow we are cutting edge. Hardly...most trends that find their way to "Betlum" are usually at least a decade old and adopted from elsewhere.

  5. Anonymous12/02/2009

    You will only find favor with Darto's if you like well prepared food at prices that have changed little since it opened in 1985. It's a gem of a little retaurant, for breakfasts and lunch. Working-class all the way.