Saturday, June 13, 2009

Easton Farmers' Market

It was a great market morning at the Easton Farmers' Market. I headed east on 22 and found a meter spot right in front of the Third Street Alliance.

Moms pushing kids in strollers, older couples walking cute dogs, and a wide range of other people were strolling around Centre Square. I love taking my sister Lauren and watching her fascination with all the different sights, sounds and smells. The vendors are always so sweet to her. Today the Market was celebrating strawberries, and the strawberry pancakes with strawberry syrup looked yummy.

However, I was focused in my pursuit of rosemary and lavender plants for the garden. The lavender didn't survive 'the move' and I forgot to move the rosemary indoors for the winter. One of the merchants had a huge spread of herbs in little pots, looking very healthy and smelling yummy and fragrant! My purchase totaled $7.50 and the little guys went into the ground the minute I got home, next to huge bushes of purple sage, mint, tarragon, oregano, and chive, and rows of cilantro and basil peeking out of the ground.

I also picked out some baked goods from one of the stands ($11.00) and a pack of bacon from a local pig farmer ($5.50). Oddly, they brought a pig too.

While I was downtown, we stopped by the Carmelcorn Shop and Eagle's Nest Antiques, too. I picked out some vintage candy for gifts and a pack of fudge to snack on. In the antique store, I wandered and gazed at some beautiful pianos and brooches, but didn't take home any souvenirs.

My favorite market in DC was held in the parking lot of the USDA building next door to the Smithsonian Castle on Friday afternoons. I learned so much about fresh food from those vendors. Just like in Easton, there were soap makers, bakers, dairy farmers with homemade yogurt and cheese, fruit farmers, and farmers who raise their own organic meats and grow organic veggies that didn't always look as pretty as the ones in Safeway, but were quite tasty.

The Easton Farmers' Market is open 9 a.m.-1 p.m. every Saturday from May through October.

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  1. Yum!! Wish I had gone today...I love strawberries. I went back in early May with my parents and we bought the most delicious cheeses and some beautiful potted plants.