Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Southside Film Festival

Anneke and I checked out the Southside Film Festival (SSFF) opening soiree last night at Home & Planet. (I suspect there may have been some other local bloggers present as well. Hmm...)

We didn't appear in the FMZ featurette. And conveniently, I didn't take any pictures. We were too busy chatting with Brian Tallarico, shimmying to the DJ's tracks, and ogling beautiful recycled furniture. We did wave to the bagpipers on the way in and we saw Graham and John. They could vouch for our presence, if they weren't running around making the whole festival happen this week. We left before they screened "Metropolis." There were a couple of martinis with our names on them at Looper's (props to our bartender, who looked up how to make my precious Sidecar).

I've never been to any Film Festival before. I'm not going to act like this is my "thing," but you know how I love a party. I admit that we rent our share of "indie" films, but they're from Netflix, so really, how indie are they? We liked Rachel Getting Married. I'm also a sucker for documentaries - that must be why I like reality TV. For my first films, I'm planning to see The Town that Was on Thursday at 7:30 in Whitaker Lab, and Imminent Domain on Saturday at 1:30 in Victory Firehouse. What are you going to see?

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