Monday, July 06, 2009

St. James Gate & US Women's Open

We're headed to St. James Gate Irish Pub and Carvery at the Sands Casino for dinner tomorrow night. Has anyone been there, and if so, any tips?

I, along with 3,000 other folks, am working/volunteering at the US Women's Open this week. It's pretty cool, and have the distinct honor of serving in middle management as a part of the corporate hospitality team.

I was impressed to see so many local volunteers, and also vendors! I saw Nacci Printing did the event programs, and Yocco's staff was serving lunch to volunteers. It looks like quite a few local businesses supported the volunteer operation.

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  1. Anonymous7/22/2009

    What did you think of St. James Gate? Thought the dishes were a bit uninspired. Granted, Irish cuisine isn't the most fanciful, but a little flair (and flavor) wouldn't hurt. I just put up a post about our experience. Oh, and glad to hear you like Sette Luna – it's one of our faves.