Thursday, August 06, 2009

Musikfest and Singles in the Valley

I volunteered at Musikfest the other night, providing bouncer services for one of the special hospitality areas. I got to see a great concert up-close for free (and ate for free, too - bonus!).

What astounded me was just how many young people were out en masse for this show. There was a big group of guys from a local company hanging out, talking about how they never meet any single girls, that the girls in bars aren't the kind of girls they want to marry, etc. It made me laugh out loud, since that's what the single girls I know say about meeting guys.

I wondered what opportunities exist for single people to meet outside the traditional ways (bar, church?) here in the Lehigh Valley. Do people date online? I know of one couple from the area that met online last year and are planning their lives together. How about matchmaking or blind dates?

Is finding a mate in the Lehigh Valley like finding a job when you're unemployed? Do you need to "put yourself out there" and tell everyone you know you are looking, risking looking desperate? Or do you immerse yourself in activities like kickball, Network of Young Professionals, or graduate school? Or, do you hang around Deja Brew, Hava Java or The Quadrant waiting for Mr. Right to walk in and order the same coffee drink you like?


  1. a former Hava Java employee, I can most definitely say that the Hava Java is probably not the best place to meet dudes. You'd THINK it should be like shooting fish in a barrel, but then it gets all kinds of weird.

    However, I am not quite at that "searching for mr right" point. The people I know who are are having a tough time of it, but I don't think they do any sort of kickball/young professionals stuff.

  2. I'm 25,single and outside of bars have no idea where to meet a single lady. Going back to school in the fall will help I suppose.

  3. Anonymous8/08/2009

    I'm 28, single, pretty normal and decent looking guy, and have lived in the Valley for 5 years. I've been single pretty much that entire time. It's very hard to meet people in this area. The people born and raised here seem to stick with their "own" from highschool/college. Transplants just seem to spend their time home alone.

    I've had some dates from but otherwise I really have no idea how to meet a quality woman in this area. Don't get me started on the abundance of single moms in this area either.

    I went to a couple of the Young Professionals events but the women weren't really into mingling with the guys, at least not the non-hot ones.

    Some people think bars are an option. But unless you're targeting a woman who is drunk out of her mind, most women in bars want to stick to their friends and not talk to people they don't really know. They're too jaded from all of the "creeps" running around.

    I just try to avoid it all by keeping involved in my hobbies and activities. Which mostly involve all married men.

  4. Anonymous8/27/2009

    I was single when I moved back to the LV a few years ago, and grew tired of the bar scene pretty quickly in terms of meeting people - friends or dates. Believe it or not, I dated using Craigslist for a few months and had some great experiences. I did not end up meeting anyone to get serious with, but I did go out with many men who were intelligent, thoughtful, funny, handsome, and good at scrabble. Then my current boyfriend (the keeper) and I got together and I left the dating world behind. I can't say I really miss it.

    After having somewhat limited success responding to ads others had placed, I placed my own ad, which was titled "Are you totally awesome in every way? Cool, me too!" And got over 100 responses. I'd say the split was about even between creepy losers and awesome dateable dudes.

    I actually have had a lot more trouble meeting women to befriend in the LV than men. Even my single male friends bemoan to me on a regular basis that I am no good for them because I can't matchmake them with any of my girlfriends. I wish there was an OK CUPID for friends!