Friday, August 07, 2009

Musikfest - Candlelight Series

I am going to let you in on a little Musikfest secret.

Every year since we moved to the Valley, we have made sure to pick up a pair of tickets for one of the Candlelight concerts at Moravian College's Foy Hall (in one of the buildings close to Moravian Book Store, not all the way up Main Street on main campus). The shows we've seen there have been on par with the ones we'd catch at the 9:30 Club, The Birchmere or Iota Club: Jonatha Brooke, Over the Rhine*, and now Dar Williams**.

Dar Williams is one of those artists I've listened to since I discovered non-commercial radio in high school. When I saw her name on the list of artists I jumped at the chance to see her, especially in a small venue (428 seats, to be exact). It's almost the anti-Musikfest. You won't find crowds or food vendors; you will find padded seats, air conditioning, great acoustics, candlelight, and a whispered hush across the audience. True, you pay for this experience, but considering I wouldn't get to see this artist in the Lehigh Valley otherwise, and it's sponsored by WDIY, AND in the end everything benefits ArtsQuest, I am happy to contribute.

*I had never heard of Over the Rhine until they appeared on the Musikfest calendar. Since I knew I liked the series, I looked them up on iTunes. I enjoyed what I heard online enough to get tickets, and we loved the show.

**I asked someone yesterday if the die-hard Dar Williams fans from outside the region had any idea what they were getting themselves into when they bought the tickets to this show. Why is there no parking in this city, and what is going on here?!

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