Saturday, October 31, 2009

Consignment, Vintage and Thrift Stores

I have always found bargain hunting to be a great way to save cash and hone your "gatherer" skills. I still have a couple of finds from thrifty excursions with Leanne, Sara and Anneke in high school. I always get compliments on the tweed suit jacket I "borrowed" from Mom, which I had tailored to fit my modern sensibilities. Holly and I competed for space with drag queens in the consignment boutiques in Dupont Circle. I even went thrift shopping in Costa Rica when I realized I didn't have enough long-sleeved shirts to get me through my study abroad trip. I have no problem buying "gently used," but lately, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to sort through racks of has-beens and cast-offs to find the gems.

I want a new bag for the fall, and new Coach just isn't in the budget this year. I want to get out and explore a few shops this weekend. Here are the places on my shopping list:

These shops are every bit as good as the others, and their proceeds benefit nonprofit organizations.

* Lehigh Valley Style just posted about thrift store shopping on their blog. They missed some of the ones I mentioned, but included a few I missed (or thought were a bit too far away to be considered "Lehigh Valley"). Incidentally, I did find a fall bag, but it was in the going-out-of-business sale at Head Over Heels at the Promenade Shops, not a thrift store!


  1. Hey I absolutely log this! I myself am a very faithful thrift store shopper. Its what I was brought up on as a child. Another one to add to your list would be Holy Family Manor Thrift Shop in Allentown PA. Address is 600 Union Blvd. We should go searching together!


  2. The Attic totally has a Kutztown location and is totally awesome.

  3. Don't forget the Holy Family Thrift Shop in Hellertown (there's also one in Palmer near William Penn highway, but Hellertown is the best.)

  4. Have to revise my other comment. The Hellertown and Palmer stores that I mentioned are not the Holy Family that the other poster mentioned.

    The Family Thrift Shop operates three stores in the Lehigh Valley: Allentown (9th and Sumner), Hellertown (Main Street) and Palmer (Milford Rd off of WP Highway).

  5. hi, can you suggest any good thrift store in Costa Rica? most important, were you able to find anything nice in them? I'm from CR and can't find a decent place to buy vintage :(


  6. Cherry, thanks for your comment. I lived in Santa Ana, and we would take the bus to Escazu, near the university was a great vintage/thrift store. Maybe it's not there anymore, but I remember that it was pretty close to a nightclub called Sapo Verde.

  7. Even better, I recently moved to Santa Ana! I'll look for the Sapo Verde next time we are driving around. Thank you SO much, and have a great New Year!