Friday, October 30, 2009

Singles Happy Hour at Looper's

Update: Some photos of the singles happy hour are posted on Lehigh Valley Style's web site. I hear the place was wall-to-wall women. Go figure.

A few of my favorite bloggers have inquired offline about the Singles Happy Hour happening tomorrow night at Looper's (313 E. Third St. Bethlehem, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15).

Inquiring minds wanted to know:

Is it exclusively for singles? Well, the restaurant's open to the public, and I doubt they're checking for wedding bands.

Are there going to be good people there? I don't know, are you going? The crowd at LVStyle happy hour tends to skew towards the thirties - some a little younger, some a little older. If it's lame, then head over to Starters Riverport. I'm sure the US Open will be on. :)

Is it going to be sketchy? Will it be a pick-up joint like LA Fitness?* Hey, it's a singles happy hour. People who want to meet other single people should go. This is not exclusively a dating thing. Hello, ladies who complain that all your friends are married... here's a great op to meet other single women. Just say hi! If conversation lulls in seven minutes, order one of their fabulous Cosmos and toast the ladies from Sex & the City.

Bottom Line: JUST GOOOOOO. And let me know how it is. My married self will be on a treadmill thanks to my fabulous trainer, Becca, and the need to fit into aforementioned mermaid-shaped dress at Courtney's wedding in two weeks.

*I hear that LA Fitness is a pick-up joint that has workout equipment. I know that Kim and Kacie work out there, anyone else? Weigh in?

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  1. John C.9/15/2009

    Did anyone go? How was it? Just curious.