Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall fever: pumpkin picking and other fun autumn activities in the Lehigh Valley

image borrowed from The Gold Puppy - I adore the string at the end of the pumpkin stem.

From my window in Bethlehem this morning, everything is still green, green, green. But I drove up Route 33 to Wind Gap this weekend and it is definitely fall there already. Which means... next weekend is probably going to be peak leaf peeping time north of here.

Everyone seems to be itching to do fall-type activities, like stomping grapes, picking pumpkins and apples, taking a hay ride, and generally enjoying the anomaly that is the Lehigh Valley: Where you can enjoy a pastoral afternoon on a real working farm and a world-class farm-to-table meal and show in the evening, and never leave your county.

TMC and ET list the parades, parties and other fall festivities happening around the Lehigh Valley this weekend. Don't forget that Trick or Treat night in your neighborhood may NOT be October 31. Don't get caught unprepared!
Discover Lehigh Valley also has some great suggestions, including Pennsylvania Youth Theatre's October 29 “Thrill the World” event, where they invite visitors to break world records as you join tens of thousands of people around the globe all dancing “Thriller” at the exact same time, then stick around for music, dancing, movies and general zombiance.

I'd also suggest visiting Hawk Mountain, since the fall migration is in full swing and you'll likely see a lot of birds: yesterday, 151 were sighted off the various lookouts on the mountain. Even if you aren't an avid birdwatcher, the Mountain's trails are well-maintained and the views are breathtaking, especially as the leaves change.

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