Thursday, November 19, 2009

Comment Moderation & Lehigh Pub

This blog received a number of negative comments in a row this afternoon about Lehigh Pub.

In case you hadn't already figured it out, this blog's purpose is to educate people about what the Valley has to offer and to encourage Valley natives and transplants to visit local businesses. I'm not fond of publishing anonymous negative comments (though as long you aren't shilling for profit, anonymous positive comments, and shilling for a good cause or because you genuinely like something is okay by me).

The Express-Times recently covered the story of two college students who refused to pay a mandated tip at the restaurant. There are two sides to every story; however, the restaurant refused to comment in the article, so make up your own mind.


  1. Anonymous11/22/2009

    It does seem kind of bizarre that the restaurant would follow through with the charges when they KNOW the irreparable harm this could do publicity-wise for the establishment. I hope both sides can come to an amicable agreement...

    Alfonso Todd

  2. Anonymous11/23/2009

    According to the news today, the charges are being dropped. However, I think the damage is done to the Lehigh Pub. Just look at their profile on, hundreds of negative reviews by people outraged by this incident in the past week or so.