Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Easton After Five

For my first Style column, I plan to highlight a few things to do "after 5" in Easton. I think most people already know about the Easton Farmer's Market and cute downtown retailers, and Easton's fabulous restaurant scene. Add to that: Townies know where to go to see a cover band and drink a beer, and Lafayette College students know which places will serve them underage.

I'm gathering a small group of transplants and natives to have dinner at Sette Luna (a place where we love to take our friends from out-of-town) and then explore downtown Easton at night. I already have a list of no fewer than EIGHT things happening that night and plan to encourage everyone to do what they like and report back. I'm also taking suggestions from the floor (read: you). Then I'll compile everyone's thoughts into a 1500 word column for the magazine.

If it's okay with you all, I'd love to preview at least part of the column here, to get your feedback before my December 15 deadline. You'll have to tune in to Style in March to get the full story.

Let me know what you think! Want to join us?


  1. Anonymous11/22/2009

    I definitely would like to see a preview and join you all if you are asking for applicants. (smile) Looking forward to it....

    Alfonso Todd

  2. I tried sette luna for the first time this weekend and I am now hooked! I always have a nice time in Easton, but rarely make the drive from Emmaus. That said, I definitely have motivation now!

  3. Capri, is there anywhere as precious as Sette Luna in Emmaus? I'd be willing to make the trip if so.

  4. Alfonso, I'm going to need your help putting together a column on Allentown for sure!