Saturday, December 26, 2009

CitySlips at Mixed Bag on Main

While doing some after-Christmas shopping on Main Street today, I noticed this display in Mixed Bag on Main (450 Main St., Bethlehem, PA) for CitySlips. Their tagline is "Compact, portable, foldable ballet flats with expandable carrying case. Helping soothe sore soles from killer heels." Such a good idea - after running in heels at a late-night work event or at a wedding or prom, these would be golden. They come in three sizes and three colors. I'm pretty sure I saw them featured on NBC's "Today" Show before the holidays, a promotion by Oprah's buddy Gayle King about great gifts for under $30.00. I couldn't help but thinking that this was the kind of thing that you'd have to Google to find, then order online from a web retailer.
I was so happy to see them in a local shop, and sure enough, the price was just $27.00. That is less than the sale price on the ShopNBC site, because there's no shipping and handling.
Mixed Bag has great gift items for babies and kids, too - the kind of stuff a mom would probably never buy for her kid but is unbelievably adorable. Need to remember that for some upcoming baby showers!
Did anyone else find a good deal locally before or after the holiday?

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  1. CitySlips and AfterSoles are like my BFF! Not only are they absolutely perfect for the girl on the go; but the packaging is adorable! Great post!! :)