Thursday, December 17, 2009

On 3 Imaging

There are photographers, and then there are photographers you can call at the last minute, set up a studio in their dining room, sweat it out in a building with no air-conditioning, spend hours making elected officials look good in ribbon-cutting photographs, and make sure you are happy with the photos of yourself, even though you are self-conscious and not photogenic.

I know of only one, and it's my friend Eric Gensel, who is a terrific photographer, former colleague, and dear friend. His company is On 3 Imaging.

Eric is responsible for the portraits on this blog, which are scheduled to appear alongside my first Lehigh Valley Style column in March. I am sincerely grateful. Also, special thanks to his beautiful wife Kinsey, whom I've known since high school, for the inspiration to use the Brew Works bar and for her patience!

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