Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real World: Lehigh Valley

I'm living vicariously through this season's cast of The Real World. The MTV reality show kids are as promiscuous and scandalous as ever. Except this time... they're in DC. :)

I had to do my homework to pull out this statistic: it's the 23rd taping of the 8-strangers-picked-to-live-in-a-house documentary. This is the first time the show has ever been filmed in a city where I lived. I am enjoying seeing a city I know well on my TV. Between drama-filled rants and seemingly endless banter about who's not doing their share of the housework, the editors throw in beautiful clips of DC in summer: the fountain in Dupont Circle, flowers at the Capitol building, the arch in "Chinatown," and lots of bars and restaurants I loved at one time. They've visited Rhino Bar in Georgetown, Lauriol Plaza (with ridiculously long waits and tasty margs), Big Hunt, Tom Tom (where a group of our friends once threw a hilarious Lonely Hearts Club dinner on Valentine's Day), and tonight... Russia House (in a gorgeous row home with velvet drapes and yummy infused vodka martinis). One of the roommates looks into an internship at the Human Rights Campaign. In next week's episode, it appears that one of them performs at the 9:30 Club.
I wondered, if the Real World were to come to the Lehigh Valley, where would those crazy kids live? Downtown Bethlehem, or Easton? The penthouse of a loft on Hamilton Street in Allentown? What would their "job" be? Intern for the Lehigh Valley passenger rail project? Wrestling refs? Teachers at a new charter school? Did the Real World ever visit a city where you lived?


  1. I LOVE this season! Makes me miss DC though..;0( I have to keep up with it, I have been lacking a little. But I am sure at some point there will be a marathon! ;0)

  2. Anonymous2/15/2010

    I lived in Miami when they did one of the earlier episodes. IIt was interesting to see them walk around with all the cameras following them. I avoided going anywhere they went. I am sure it was inconvenient. (smile)
    REAL WORLD people have made celebrity appearances in Allentown before. They were at the now closed Banana Joes and were at MAINGATE.
    If they did do a reality show in the LV, they probably would do it in Bethlehem even though there is more excitement, in my opinion, in A-town. They would do it during MUSIKFEST and MAYFAIR and have the person intern at Banana Factory or Muhlenberg more than likely.

    People have thought about doing an internet show like that locally. It would be good to highlight the positives of the LV online.