Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beer Heaven

I was running errands yesterday on Lehigh Street when I realized how close I was to Shangy's (40 E Main St. Emmaus).

You know, Beer Heaven!

Shangy's not just a standard PA beer distributor - it's a superstore of beer, cigars and snacks. They stock over 500 varieties of domestic and imported beers.

Mike told me to pay close attention to Shangy's reviews, especially their thoughts on Corona, see below:

"Shangy's Beer Review
Brand: Corona Extra Style: Lager? Color: None
Taste: Very mild if not tasteless. This is another MASS PRODUCED beer filled with preservaties and adjuncts. Save your taste buds and drink craft brewed beers. Don't waste your money and time, unless (i) you don't like the taste of beer or (ii) you are on a island with absolutely no choices, including tap water! This maybe (sic) the World's most expensive case of water. P.S. Don't waste your time! Shangy Rating: No Stars"

You've got to love a store that tries to educate you a little, and would even discourage you from drinking bad beer. (I wonder what the Corona distributor thinks of their little missive.)

When you have lived in another state, you get used to their alcohol laws. In DC, grocery stores and convenience stores carry beer. You can also buy beer, wine and liquor at specialty stores like Calvert Woodley (with its own cheeserie - nice) or trendy little wine boutiques like Best Cellars. Grocery stores like Harris Teeter carry wine in Virginia (but not in DC). Still paying attention? Moving to Pennsylvania was a big shock: So, let me get this straight... not only can I not buy beer and wine in the same store, but I can't even have wine shipped to my home from a winery I love in California? Wegman's and Weis now sell beer; I hope that's a sign of positive things to come.

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