Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brunch fever

Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day. Maybe it's the fact that you can only have it on a Sunday, and you rarely eat it alone or on the go. I have been lucky enough to enjoy brunch at two of my favorite restaurants recently: Granny McCarthy's Tea Room (534 Main Street) and Sette Luna (219 Ferry Street, Easton).

At Sette Luna, two of my companions ordered the Tuscan Benedict (a steal at $10.95 each), which includes Poached eggs, House cured pancetta, sautéed Swiss chard, Wolferman’s muffins (thick as hockey pucks but they taste heavenly with jam), a huge pile of homefries (not the frozen kind), and roasted grapefruit. Another friend had a beautiful frittata and a pile of Italian bread. They all dug in so fast and never put down their forks, so I couldn't snap a photo to show you.

Okay, enough. I have waxed poetically about SL in the past, so I will show you a photo of my tasty tri-colore salad with goat cheese on slices of blood orange. Dressed simply in olive oil, salt and pepper, I have been craving it ever since. That's my glass of pear nectar in the upper left-hand corner.
The four of us ate ourselves silly, couldn't stop talking about the freshness of the ingredients, and ordered two pizzas to go. Total, the bill was $100.00. We walked off some of our muffins by circling the block, peeking in at the Carmelcorn Shop (62 Centre Square), Eagle's Nest Antiques on the Square (60 Centre Square) and Christine's Secret Garden (249 Northampton Street) before stuffing ourselves back in the car.

Another recent weekend you could find me carb-loading at Granny McCarthy's.

The "marketplace" part of Donegal Square is currently under construction, and the dining room will soon be expanded into the space.

McCarthy's Tea Room and Restaurant makes many dishes from owner Neville Gardner’s native Northern Ireland they say that many items are actually family recipes. My companion ordered the Celtic Breakfast, with eggs, potato farl, griddle cooked tomatoes, Irish loin bacon, banger sausages, white and black pudding. Since there wasn't a breakfast sandwich special this time, I ordered porridge with raisins and ate about 17 pieces of brown bread and scones from the bread basket. We each had our own small pot of tea (vanilla, and cream early grey). The bill was $25.00.

I will visit both places again. Soon.

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  1. Brunch is my favorite meal of the week, and I frequently bemoan the lack of exceptional brunch options in the Lehigh Valley, but both of those sound good (though a bit far for me to drive on a groggy-Sunday-morning, perhaps). I've also heard rave reviews of the brunch at Hotel Bethlehem. I used to regularly trek over to Bethlehem for brunch at Billy's or Blue Sky, but sometimes I felt like the long lines for a table weren't quite worth it. If you asked me what the thing I miss most about living in New York is, Brunch would probably be #1. I sometimes had multiple brunch dates in one day! I need to get more motivated on finding good brunches here, stat!