Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trader Joe's in Bethlehem... so far, just a dream.

I am one happy woman, and my freezer and pantry are stocked. We just returned from a visit to the Westfield, NJ, location of Trader Joe's. As usual, the store was jam-packed with customers and tasty treats. We chose to drive 55 miles to Westfield versus one of the six closer PA locations (North Wales, Jenkintown, Wayne, Ardmore, Philly Center City, and Media) and two closer NJ locations (Florham Park, Princeton) because this store has WINE (and beer). We came home with a mixed case-and-a-half of wine, only having spent a fraction of what we typically spend at PA state stores. Downtown Westfield is really cute, too, and even though it's a few more miles further away, it's about the same drive time as North Wales and a lower toll cost.

For your enjoyment, I scanned and posted a page from the Fearless Flyer, which is always an entertaining read. This month's edition ("The Swimsuit Issue") also highlights really affordable meals like pancakes ($1.99/box for mix, plus cost of four eggs and some water = 4 cents per pancake) and spaghetti with meat sauce:
"Just Spaghetti is $2.49 for a pound of cooked pasta, and Turkey Bolognese is
$2.49 for 12 ounces of hearty sauce. Together, $4.98 for enough food for a
family of four (okay, maybe two, if you have teenaged boys)."

"Things You Don't Need" - ha! How about, grocery stores with high prices and long lines? In a store packed with people, we only waited one minute to be served in the checkout line.

Outside the Westfield store, you can see a happy shopper headed home, and blooming tulips inside the window.
Our haul.
We'll be back in a few months to restock. In the meantime, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor. I just put in a burgundy pepper lamb roast for dinner tonight. Yum!
If you're interested in sending a message to Trader Joe's, visit their web site and put in a "location request." I'm pulling for either Clinton, NJ (close enough, and they could carry alcohol) or downtown Easton, PA.


  1. I feel that every city should have a Trader Joe' funny because we had their bruschetta tonight! My parents brought it up from VA, along with other must-haves when they visit!!! Glad you had a great trip. :)

  2. Anonymous3/01/2010

    Love Trader Joes, Ohh two comments on the most recent Fearless Flyer in case you got these items, their new Taco Seasoning is really spicy good but really spicy, and my new favorite veggie mix is the Bean so Green, they have had it hear since Thanksgiving and can't seem to keep it on the shelves( freezer) it is soo good :)Bridget

  3. Any chanceTrader Joes will put one of their stores near Bethlehem? Whats the scoop?

  4. Anonymous6/08/2011

    I second the vote for a TJ's in Easton! I lived in LA for 4 years where I became addicted to all things TJs (especially their wine selection). Then I moved to Brooklyn and missed TJs greatly UNTIL they opened a couple of stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Happy day! But last spring I moved to Easton and I'm missing TJs again. Luckily I'm in the city 2 days a week for work so I stop on the way home. But it would be so much better if I could take my time on a Saturday morning in the Lehigh Valley and shop to my hearts delight at a local TJs. I just filled out a location request per your suggestion. Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Anonymous, thank you so much for your comment! Just curious, are the west coast stores any different from the east coast stores?

  6. Anonymous8/11/2011

    Princeton Trader Joes sells wine.

  7. Thanks, Anonymous. That's a new store? Do you think Princeton is easier to get to from the LV than Westfield?