Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brain Awareness Day at Bethlehem Public Library

I just checked the weather, and the weather is going to be sunny and mild this weekend - FINALLY! Skip over the puddles in your driveway and head over to the Bethlehem Public Library for a free event on Saturday, especially if your brain is clouded by cabin fever.

My former Smithsonian co-workers (Kirwei, Kari, and Lindy) and I called events like Brain Awareness Day an "educational field trip." We signed up for events like a docent-led tour of a new National Gallery exhibition, instead of eating lunch in the break room (which, like the rest of our office, was completely windowless). But we never got an EEG of our brains! Cool. Check it out.

Saturday, March 20th from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
This special event will provide “hands-on” neuroscience activities for school-aged children and general neuroscience information for their families. Participants will be able to “build a vertebrate brain”, challenge their visual system, test their reflexes
and even record electroencephalographs (EEG) of their own brain! Join college
students and professors from Moravian College, Muhlenberg College, Cedar
Crest College, Lafayette College and Lehigh University as they promote public
awareness of the functions of the central nervous system and current advances in
neuroscience research.

Moravian College's Brain Awareness week features programs addressing age-old questions like "why I woman can't be more like a man!". Their calendar of events is online here.

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  1. This was a great event! And it was very well attended, especially considering what a beautiful day it was outside.

    My boys visited all the tables, even handling cow eye parts and touching real brains! They especially enjoyed the lie detector test and the Skittles taste test.

    Dr. Cecilia Fox from Moravian College spearheads this annual event, by the way. She's a really great energetic neuroscientist who clearly loves what she does.