Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Cementon and Laurys Station are now connected"... and where is that, exactly?

When I first moved to the Lehigh Valley, I first learned my way around my home city, the route between home and work, and of course, our house and Home Depot.

As we settled in a little more, I heard about small boroughs and townships and wondered where they were. Beata got a kick out of the fact that I wasn't familiar with Weisenberg Township in Lehigh County. It was established in 1753; how could I miss that one?

I read this morning in the Morning Call that a new section of trail is open between "Cementon and Laurys Station" and admit that while I've heard of these places and knew they were somewhere north of Route 22, I didn't know how to get there. So assuming that some of you might not know where these Lehigh County towns are, either, here's a map. Enjoy the trail this weekend!

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