Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Props for a great public school program

I went to public school K-12, and I am proud of any school that uses innovation and persistence to solve a problem or meet a need in their community. The Express Times highlighted March Elementary School in Easton this week. The school's programming to reduce delinquency and encourage positive behavior could soon become statewide policy.

FAME stands for Focus on respect, Always act safely, Make myself proud, and bE

Each grade has a set of behavioral expectations under FAME, ranging from keeping hands to oneself, walking in the hallways, helping others when asked and completing class work on time.

"The idea is if all the children understand what's expected of them and all faculty are on the same page about it, we get the desired end result," (Principal Judith) Steinberg said.
I know two women who work at March (429 Reeder St, on College Hill in Easton) and they are great examples of educators making schools a better place for kids in the Lehigh Valley. Bravo!

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  1. Wow!! March made your proud of our school...just think, Judy Steinberg is a DG too! :) Thanks for highlighting is a really great program!