Monday, March 15, 2010

Second-coolest thing happening this week in the LV

Someone wisely pointed out that I have been posting a lot of entertainment scoop from The Morning Call recently, and scanning back, they are absolutely correct. While I read's First at One daily, I was not suscribed to all of the entertainment feeds like I should have been. The error has been corrected, and I already have a great event to share with you.

Kelly Huth's 10 Things To Do This Week column is a good place to start when you're looking for inspiration (e.g. more than just going to the movies every weekend like we did when we first moved to the LV. I KNOW FOR A FACT that one of my loyal readers and her husband did the same thing!).

This week she tipped off Express-Times online readers about a fashion show that would be cool by its own right, but also:
1. It's being judged by Pamela Ptak, the sort-of Lehigh Valleyan who was a contestant on the current season of Lifetime's Project Runway (sorry folks, she said herself she's from Bucks County, even if she does teach at the Baum School). Which is a little funny/sad, because one of the Project Runway episodes after Pamela got the boot was all about recycled items as fashion.
2. According to Kelly, "The green fashion show supports RecycleMania, a program to encourage campuses to become more environmentally conscious."

Date: Monday, March 15, 6-8 pm
Location: Alumnae Hall Auditorium, Cedar Crest College (100 College Drive, Allentown)

Full disclosure: I happen to love CCC. I advised a group of women on their senior capstone project last year and was very impressed by the school, their business program and the diversity of students who were in the class. Check out their events calendar!

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