Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sands Casino - Molten Lounge

A group of random friends assembled on Saturday night to check out a band at Molten Lounge at the Sands Casino. None of us had heard of Mia Mania before but it was raining, none of us had plans, and the combination of free covered parking and no cover charge was enough to bring out the crowd.

By the time we arrived at 9:30, the packed bar was watching the band warm up. The audience was a mix of gamblers, groupies, and nightlife seekers, and dress code was everything from Penn State T-shirts and jeans (it was the night of the Blue & White Game) to cocktail attire. Plenty of couples, singles and groups of friends, ranging in age from early 20's to 50's. I'm not including the octogenarians with oxygen tanks playing the slot machines nearby. Drinks aren't the cheapest in town and it's a little smoky - smoking is allowed in all of the bars and the back area of the casino but the room is fairly well-ventilated.

The band was a lot of fun: they performed cover songs all over the pop charts, old and new... Green Day, Lady Gaga, Sublime. They'll be back at Molten on June 12 if you want to check them out.
On another casino note, Steve at Waiter Rant wrote about his recent experience at Mount Airy Casino in Mount Pocono. They've got a hotel, but we've got Emeril. I haven't been there but I assume it's a similar setup to the Sands. Can anyone verify?

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