Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have never been a serious tea drinker, but I do love a cup of freshly brewed tea. The dried-herb-variety frequently leaves an aftertaste of stale grass. When I have tea at home, I prefer to brew a sachet from Mighty Leaf Tea or Two Leaves and a Bud, or drink a cup of tea from a tea shop called Cupteavity in New Hope.

Going out for tea seems somehow more civilized than meeting for happy hour. Tea is universal and usually inspires (unalterted) conversation and thoughtful reflection. It's fun for all ages.

My go-to source for a spot of tea is Granny McCarthy's Tea Room (534 Main St, Bethlehem), since it's so close to home. The scones and breads are all freshly baked and served with butter and fruit jams. Tea is served in individual pots with infusers inside. ‎ I love the atmosphere: quaint, not rushed, and casual. I am known to eat just about anything they serve that has "egg" and "croissant" in the name. I recently met Jenifer there in the evening, to discuss a project we were working on.

Another place I've enjoyed is Sweet Memories (180 Main St, Emmaus). I hardly ever get to downtown Emmaus and it's a shame, because it is charming. I don't know if SM is officially a "tea room," but there were teas on the menu and they serve afternoon tea. I had lunch there with Tanya and Margaret shortly after moving to the Valley. I am pretty sure I had quiche, but I remember that it was a hard decision, since their made-from-scratch chicken salad and other dishes were enticing. I took dessert back to the office for my colleagues and was very popular.

I know of two other places in the Valley that claim to be "Tea Houses," Lavender Lace Tea Room (3835 Chestnut St, Emmaus) and Creekside Kitchen (6916 Weaversville Rd, Northampton). Has anyone been there - are they worth checking out?

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