Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bicycling in the Lehigh Valley

Bike riding is both exercise and play. Plus, with the recent heat wave, it's sometimes the only tolerable workout (other than "swimming," which we all know is really just floating or standing for most people - admit it!). I've got three updates that might interest anyone who can ride a "two-wheeler" (without training wheels).

I'm a big fan of Laini's Little Pocket Guide and now @writercarrie is contributing to her blog. This week Carrie wrote about great places to ride your bike. My street bike's tires aren't made for trails, but I've found that the Lehigh Parkway and streets of the cities are peachy for a workout or transportation. Still wondering what became of the bike racks in front of Bethlehem Brew Works...

I just learned that Performance Bicycle (934 Airport Center Drive in the Airport Center in Hanover Township) will celebrate the grand opening of its first Allentown location July 23-25 with the Bike Tube Blow-Out, a recycling program sponsored by Performance and Liberty Tire Recycling, the largest scrap tire recycler in the country. Bring used or blown-out inner tubes to the store and receive up to three $5 gift cards for each tube they recycle.

John at Cutters Bike Shop (418 E. Third St., Bethlehem) just helped me pick out a bike rack that will work on my car and serve my purposes. I can usually shove my bike in the back seat by removing the front wheel but I realized during a weekend getaway that this method does not work when you have backseat passengers (sorry Kirwei and Kari!). He's even going to help me put my new Yakima King Joe 2 on my car.

Roll on, riders!

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  1. don't forget about in Easton which runs rides led by certified group riders all week long and the weekend, for all different levels and ages, road and trails. great people down there!