Monday, October 25, 2010

Apartments in the Lehigh Valley

I recently received this reader email: Hello: I was searching for information relative to the LV due to the fact that my daughter is graduating college (Lafayette) next spring and has been offered a job in Allentown. We are trying to find out information relative to where a 22-year-old can live and do in the area. I am wondering if you had any advice. She is from Boston and likes a balance life between arts, music, sports and bar scene. ----- Here's my response. Thanks for your note. You must be very proud of your daughter! In my opinion, downtown (North Side/Historic) Bethlehem is where most of the 20- and 30- somethings live that enjoy the arts, restaurants, shopping, and live music. It is convenient to Easton and Allentown by Route 22, Route 78 or side roads, and within walking distance of the canal towpath (for walking/running), and a lot of events in the Lehigh Valley take place in downtown Bethlehem. Apartments vary widely, some are new or renovated, others older and consequently a bargain. Lots of second-story walkups, carriage houses and little rental homes. You can easily find them on Craigslist. "Riverport" on the South Side and "Silk Mill" on the North Side are in former industrial buildings but are brand-new inside - lots of people rent their condos at Riverport and a gym and sports bar are attached. There are apartment communities around the Valley but living in Bethlehem will put her at the center of everything. ------ Of course, I recommended Bethlehem - it's where I live and most of the young people I know have lived in downtown Bethlehem at some point and love it. But I know many of you live elsewhere and have different opinions and experiences. What would you have told this very considerate dad with excellent taste in blogs?


  1. I'd recommend the West End of Allentown, which is where I live. We're within walking distance to a great college, independent film and theater (Civic Theatre), loads of restaurants and bars, and a farmer's market. Not to mention close proximity to Allentown's parks system and major transportation routes. And with her working in Allentown, she'll lower her transportation costs -- perhaps even be able to walk/bike to work.

  2. I agree, definitely Bethlehem. I am a Lehigh 09 grad and live on the west side of Bethlehem. I work in Emmaus and my roommate works in Center Valley - but we'd never live anywhere but Bethlehem. We live on the West side but I'd recommend anywhere North side. Avoid the South side completely, only exception being Riverport as you said Megan. My roommate has many fellow recent grad coworkers and those who don't live in Bethlehem always remark that they wish they did. Please feel free to put the daughter in touch with me!

  3. I would agree with Bethlehem...our first year in the Valley, we cheaped out and moved to Macungie. What we saved in rent we paid out in gas time three to go into Bethlehem & Allentown to do things.

  4. Damien Brown10/26/2010

    I'm biased toward the West End of Allentown for the location. I live here. Trexler Park, Highland Gardens, and Tremont are all nice options with varying amenities and prices.

    Some of the nicest new rentals in the valley, believe it or not, are in/near Downtown Allentown. There is a bit of a urban loft renaissance happening there. P&P Mill, Auburn Station, and the Farr Lofts are among the nicest.

    Lots of good options here in the valley.

  5. I've lived in Bethlehem for 3 years now. I would go for Bethlehem. There is a very nice, newly built apartment complex called Bethlehem Fields located @ Cherry LN, in Bethlehem. It's right off I-78 along Hellertown (south 412). Very good place. Lived there for 3 years. Very convenient location on a nice, family oriented area.

    It's just 5 mins away from downtown Bethlehem.

  6. Anonymous11/17/2010

    I think Bethlehem is definitely the best choice, but I wouldn't recommend an apartment complex on the outskirts of town. I would check out places between Brodhead and Taylor on the south side or near Main Street/Broad Street on the north side.

    If you're looking for a quieter neighborhood, then check out the west side of Bethlehem, or maybe Emmaus or the west end of Allentown (west of 19th Street).