Monday, November 15, 2010

Join something... meet someone!

When you're new somewhere, you might feel a little lonely 'til you find your "people." Transplants aren't the only ones seeking "community." Frankly, anyone who's new to their station in life (marital status, kids, career changes) might want to connect to some other people who share a common bond. The most common question I get is how to meet people in the Lehigh Valley - not just for dating or drinking, but for meaningful, life-enriching conversations and experiences. I've been collecting a list of groups that might be a good match for anyone who has an interest in developing new friendships!

  • The newcomers club of the greater Lehigh Valley is a group of women who help new residents as well as those who have a change in lifestyle (new baby, single, widowed, retired, etc.) by introducing them to new friends in the Lehigh Valley. They meet once a month, plan social, civic and charitable events, and have a great time sharing their unique histories and new shared community. They even have a Facebook page.

  • The Network of Young Professionals is an active group of men and women who want to get the most out of their experience in the Lehigh Valley. They aim to foster awareness of employment possibilities, welcome new young professionals to the area, support community organizations, provide professional development opportunities, and engage in social networking. If you go to an event, you don't need to bring a friend - every time I attend a "Net" event, I meet people who say "I just started a new job and the people I work with said I should join this group." Everyone is up for trying new things and meeting new people. Check out their calendar of events or join their email list for occasional updates.

  • Love a little physical action, paired with female bonding and snarky humor? Maybe Lehigh Valley Rollergirls can be your new sorority. The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, the area's only women's flat track roller derby league, and the best players from this league compete together on one travel team, the Hissy Fits. Come see all the action.

  • Have twins (or higher multiples)? Check out the Moms of Multiples of the Lehigh Valley. They meet in Fogelsville on 2nd Thursdays.

  • It's cold outside! If you're thinking about knitting, meet up with The Knit Wits at the Whitehall Panera every other Thursday at 7. Meet, mingle and trade yarns with local knitters, crocheters and needle point addicts! Join the group for a relaxing evening of comparing patterns, sharing techniques and trading tips on stitches, sweaters,

  • Lehigh Valley MochaMoms is a committed to helping stay-at-home mothers of color connect to one another & the community.

  • Do you imagine yourself fit and strong, striding comfortably down the road during an easy workout or a 5K race? First Strides, a gradual 12-week program, will help you comfortably progress from the couch to walking, jogging or running at a pace that's right for you. Groups meet weekly in Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, Allentown, Hanover Township, and Stroudsburg.

  • Didn't see a group here that floats your boat? Check out this week's calendar on for more options. From Quakertown to Nazareth and everywhere between, basketball and volleyball, meditation and crafting, dineouts to weightloss support, there is a group meeting THIS week.

If you try out one of these groups, report back... how did it go? If you're an administrator or member of one of these groups, put in your two cents. And as always... let me know what I missed.

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  1. I'm not a recent newcomer, but I enjoy your blog. FYI - Writers new to the area have two great writers groups to choose from.

    GREATER LEHIGH VALLEY WRITERS meets on the 4th Saturday at the Palmer Library in Palmer Township.

    POCONO LEHIGH ROMANCE WRITERS meets on the 2nd Saturday (except July & Dec.), also at the Palmer Library.

    I believe both groups allow you to attend up to 3 meetings before they ask you to join. Palmer Library is just off Hwy. 248, between Nazareth and Easton, just up the road from Palmer Park Mall.