Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Resolve of the South Side is as Steely as Ever.

I couldn't NOT share this documentary piece by Imani Hamilton and a few other ambitious Lehigh University students for their Lehigh University's J198 course Multimedia Reporting with Professor Jeremy Littau.

Some of my favorite Southside businesses are featured, and they do a nice job of including the perspective some visitors as well. Their web site includes videos interviewing Lou Cinquino about community gardening, photos and videos of the Greenway project, a summary of progress on the Skatepark featuring the ubiquitous Andy Po, podcasts featuring John Pettegrew, Michele Ryder, and Silagh White and and a look forward with Roger Hudak and Javier Toro. Bravo!

While the project was developed as part of a Lehigh University class, it has the potential to educate students and community members alike about the current state of affairs in Bethlehem. I hope that future students are able to continue the project and keep updating for all of us watching.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. I'm proud of the work the students did on this site and I know they're thrilled that people are talking about it!